Wednesday 22 December 2021


 Last winter, the Northwestern Ontario Writers Workshop, a regional writing organization, published a sneak peek into THE ITERATIONS OF CAROLINE in their members-only magazine. 

Since then, of course, Caroline has made her way into the world, but not everyone in North America seems to have bought a copy. Mysterious! 

If you are one who has not yet read THE ITERATIONS OF CAROLINE, either by buying a copy or checking out a copy from your public library, you might enjoy this chance to see what you're missing. Click here: NOWW Blog: Caroline. 

If you HAVE read about Caroline and David, thank you, and you might also enjoy revisiting their world. 

It's about brush wolves and tsunamis, and worlds that lack an essential sort of human kindness. 

Did you know that books--especially thoughtful adventure stories--make excellent gifts for any number of winter holidays? Well. They do! Mine are available at and Enjoy!