Wednesday 10 July 2019

Local Book, Local Author

So many local folks are interested in local history. It makes for some great reading about this region. Alan Wade recently joined the pack of local writers.

Alan Wade's Prehistoric Lakeheaders--the 90-Century Story of Pre-Contact Thunderbayans is an interesting, easy-to-read history of the people who lived in this region long before the arrival of Europeans.

He writes about three distinct civilizations as categorized by their different technologies--the use of stone, copper, and pots. The reader will learn as much about the archaeological process as about the people who lived at the various sites.

Alan's style of writing is both enthusiastic and demanding. His tone is that of someone who has a gripping subject that he wants you to feel as fascinated by as he is. His interest--in the discoveries that various people have made, in the technology that each of the three peoples developed, and in the methods the archaeologists employed to make sense of it all--is infectious.

Want to know how amateur archaeologists work with professionals? Want to know how a dig is mapped out and the finds recorded? Look in Alan's book.

Nice work, Alan.

You can buy his book here: Prehistoric Lakeheaders.